Homewbrew Soldering Iron


Introduction: Homewbrew Soldering Iron

Things you will need

(1)-12-18volt Cordless Drill Battery 
(2)- A Old Plug From A Cut Extension Cord Or Something Similar
(3)- 2 Small  Alligator Clips
(4)-2 Cheap Bic Pens Or 2 (NON) Conductive Things To Use s Handles 
(5)- Electrical Tape
(6)- Graphite Mechanical Pencil Led (PREFERRED) Or Just Some Led Taken From A Old Pencil
(8)- Sun Glasses( The Led Glows Very Bright)
(9)- Well ventilated Area

Step 1: Checking the Polarity of the Battery

On Most Battery's There Is A + And - To Let The Consumer Know Which Is Which 
In My Case There Was Not , So If You Have The Same Issue As I Did,   Checking The Polarity Is Very Simple. Grab 2 Lengths Of Copper Wire (solid)  Then Grab  A Glass Of Salt Water.
Place One End Of The Wire In The Salt Water Nd The Other ON the Lead Of The Battery.

The Wire With The Most Bubbles Is The - Kool Knowledge-> (You Just Built A Hydrogen Generator )  Now Mark The Battery According To The - +

Step 2: Connecting the Leads

Now we need to grab our extension cord and mark 1 side + follow the cord and mark the corresponding end. now we can connect our clips, strip the end about 1 inch on the + cord then simply wrap the cord around the handle of the clip and wrap it with electrical tape.( repeat on the other side)
Now tape the clip and part of the cord to the back end of 1 pen, (BE SURE TO TAPE OVER ALL EXPOSED WIRE AT THE CLIP),,,Now do the same with the other cord.

Step 3: Time to Solder!

Now grab the piece of led and clip it on the + side
the grab a piece of solder and clip it to the -side
now separate the clips so the dont touch 
Put the plug on the battery leads according to the + and-

Step 4: POWER UP!

ok double check connections and make sure the polarity is right , the led goes on the + and the solder on the - , now plug connect it ti the battery terminal according to the + and - (depending on the battery you should be able to just plug it right in to the batt almost like a wall plug . Thats it now ur done!  touch the solder to the led and the led heats up to a roaring glow! dont forget to wear sunglasses and safety goggles, the led dose tend to crack and pop like a fireplace if touching the solder to long! so use in moderation! 



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    15 Discussions

    A multi-meter works to test polarity as well.

    this does work very well, even with a single 4V lithium ion cell, although I feel a warning should be made that large gauge wire should be used as smaller gauge wire gets very hot during use.

    I agree. Drills and such have been designed to accept these batteries and keep them from overloading. This has no limits and, I would imagine, could overload the battery and cause a meltdown or explosion. Just a suggestion.

    yes I'm sure if not positive that could happen that's why I mention that it shouldn't be used for a long period of time, when the 2 ends are not touching it dosent heat up.

    USB no it dosent you are right. and if the directions are followed it is not hazerdous. I soldered over 60 connections on my laptop with no problems.

    would a 15 volt wall plug make any difference? i don't exactly have a drill battery just lying around.

    1 reply

    I strongly dont recommend using a wall plug because the cord doses heat up, it doesn't need to be a 18 volt battery it can be 12, also a car battery charger is another preferred power source

    you seem to lack a lot of description of how the handles and soldering equipment go together. I also got confused because I was wondering how a light emitting diode led fit in here. Took me a while to see you were referring to pencil lead. Good idea though.

    1 reply

    I was just going to comment that I never once said anything about a LED but as I was scolling to comment I noticed I was missing the A hehe

    to tell the truth I didn't relize the USB contest was a literal translation, I just thought it was a contest lol