Homopolar Motor

The materials you will need are:

1. 1 battery (any size)

2. Copper wire (how much you will need depends on how big your battery is)

3. 1-2 magnets (they have to be able to conduct electricity)

Step 1: Putting It Together

To start, attach the magnets on the bottom of the battery.

Next, bend the middle of the copper wire so that the middle is a point.

After that, put the point on the top of the battery and bend the 2 ends of the copper wire to touch the magnet/magnets.

Finally, touch the 2 ends of the copper wire to the magnet/magnets and it should spin in a circle!

Extra: you could attach things to the copper wire to make it look more decorative, like a merry-go-round!\

(the video audio kind of got messed up :D)



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