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Introduction: Honda Car Logo

To craft this car logo, you will need 85x8x350 mm alder work-pieces. It is imperative that all parts be unicolor.

Cut the planks into smaller ones (8х40х350mm) using a disk saw.

Next thing you do is process them on a thickness planer. When processing, it is recommended to use an extra plate to avoid tear-outs. Resulting pieces should be 5 mm thick.

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Step 1: Gluing

Prior to gluing, select pieces in such a way as to match texture and grain direction. The gluing comprises two stages.

First, the planks should be glued edge to edge. Remove excess glue with a slightly damp sponge. Wait for the glue to dry completely. This stage should provide three same-size boards.

Once the glue dries, finish the boards with a hand scraper or sander and thus prepare them for the next stage of gluing.

Second, glue the boards face to face into a single piece. It is absolutely imperative that you alternate grain direction (same as in plywood). Wait for the glue to dry.

The result is a solid and stable 350x200x15mm board.

Step 2: The Logo Pattern

Transfer the logo image onto the board using a piece of carbon paper. I found the image on a specialized website. Nail or clip the paper to the board.

Contour poorly drawn lines with a pencil.

Step 3: Sawing the Logo

The sawing process comprises three stages.

First, cut the logo out along the outer contour and hand-finish the edge. Trim it at a 45° angle using an edge trimmer.

Second, cut out two side parts. Sand the internal edges. Trim the at a 45° angle using the edge trimmer. Finish the piece with a flat chisel.

Third, cut out the two inner V elements. Trim the internal edges at a 45° angle using the edge trimmer and finish the angles. Sand the entire piece.

Step 4: Finishing

Put two layers of oil on your logo and wait until it dries.

The logo is ready!

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