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Introduction: Honda Ruckus- Underseat Storage

The Honda Ruckus comes with loads of storage space. However, as it comes from the factory, you either have to strap the stuff in or get a costly enclosure kit. I decided to go on the cheap and make it out of some tree netting from Lowes. (super simple project)

green plastic tree netting......$6.97
valspar black plastic paint......4.97
100 8" zip ties (used ~50).......5.66

total... $17.60

The cheapest enclosure specifically for the ruckus is $90 so that ain't bad.

Step 1: Paint the Stuff

The only color the mesh comes in is green which is pretty lousy. I sprayed it with black plastic paint thinking it would actually stick to the plastic. It mostly does, but scraping it with anything harder than a fingernail takes it off. I think the mesh is made of polyethylene which is pretty waxy slippery stuff. Meh, it's cheap.

Step 2: Cut and Zip

Now comes the fun... I started with the easy part (the front). Cut a chunk out of the long edge of the mesh that will be slightly oversized so you can trim later. If you cut from the short edge you won't have enough to wrap around the back in one piece.

Zip tie it and trim the little nubbies off so it fits nicely.

Step 3: Wrap and Zip and Cut and Zip

So now that you have the easy part, it's time to mess with a large unruly piece of nastiness. Hold the long, uncut edge along the bottom frame tube and center it. Hopefully it will reach around to the front. And... if you're more thorough about painting than I was, it will be black the whole way around too. :/

Put a few zip ties at the center on the bottom tube, and continue zipping along the bottom until you get to the bend in the tube. Now's the Zen cutting of the mesh. Cut a little. Zip a little. Repeat. Be sure to pull on the mesh a bit so it won't create puckers as you zip the top half of this piece. The mesh is pretty stiff, so it's usually not a problem.

I did one half and then the other, starting at the bottom on both halves. Zipping and cutting in a continuous loop will likely create puckers when you get close to the end. Hope that makes sense...

Step 4: Trim and Done

Now trim it all up, and cut off the extra lengths of zip tie. I used a flush cutting wire cutter. You'll need to trim around things like the helmet lock and stuff, but that's obvious when you get there. Revel at your fine work and throw in some stuff. Ride around like a madman and get over 100mpg doing it. Woot. Woot.

I had some mesh left over. Actually most of it. So, I decided to put some over the headlights for style. I dig it.

And a final revision, I trimmed a bit off the center top portion so the frame can still be used as a grip. This is very useful when setting the jack stand. Finally, I think when all the paint comes off and I'm left with nasty green again, I'll crochet some hemp and have a nice organic netting enclosure. Until that time... tally ho!

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    I'd never ride a ruckus but great job, it fits in well and looks good, you could always back the netting with black polythene to make it more waterproof...


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks man. I guess ruckuses are one of those love em or hate em things. I got it after reading about Wan's tale. I take it 30 miles into town to work each day and come home and ride the trails. Fun anyhow.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I have nothing against the looks or the way they drive, it's just not my kin of machine... Give me a cruiser or a full dirt bike... actually it's probably because it's a scooterish bike... I keep meaning to find a cub in the junk yard... strip everything off it and make a little runabout, but that's for after the license...