Honest Hiccup Cure

Introduction: Honest Hiccup Cure

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This is a method that has NEVER failed me! No bullcrap. It is odd; you WILL feel foolish but once you do this and see how well it works, you will run to wherever you left your phone and frantically upvote this stuctable!!!

Step 1: Items Required

Get a medium plastic cup, sheet of Kleenex, some water...

Step 2: The Fun Part

Fill your cup 3/4 with cold water (any liquid really). Split the Kleenex into 4 pieces. Soak the Kleenex in water and pinch out any excess.

Step 3: The Weird Part

Plug your ears and nose tight with the wet Kleenex. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! We are tricking your brain into believing you are under water so it will stop those involuntary spasms!

Step 4: The Plan

Take a breath and exhale half that breath. Slowly start drinking the water. Try and linger until you feel like you need to breath; your body may start to try to breath thru you nose forcing you to drop the cup and breath thru you mouth... Repeat until glass is empty.

Step 5: The Payoff

Pull that stuff out of your head and enjoy your life again.
This has never failed me. Please comment if it worked for you as the sceptics who think I'm trolling them won't try this unless they have the words of you good people to encourage them to. I love you.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Another Cure..

    Take the deepest possible breath and hold it till you cant.....


    5 years ago

    Ha ha! I was just testing the water really on this one... Besides, no one wants to see me with Kleenex up my nose!!

    This method sounds like it works really well, and the science behind it is fascinating. I just wish it had original images, it can really help to up your instructables game to use your own images!