Honey Mustard

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Step 1: What U Need

U will need honey, mustard, a bowl, a lid to fit the bowl, a spoon, and a tablespoon measuring spoon .

Step 2: Add a Tablespoon of Honey

Add a tablespoon of honey into the bowl ( you'll see a little already in the bowl it's there because i accidently over files the tablespoon so a little went into the bowl)

Step 3: Add Mustard

Add a tablespoon of mustard to the honey

Step 4: Mix

Mix it all together

U may need to add some more honey to the mix

Step 5: Done

You are finished once u mixed it all together
Add a lid

Use it right now or put it in the fridge

Please comment and make this your favorite!!!!
I'm sooooo sorry the first one I did wasn't my pics



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