Hooded Character Blanket




Introduction: Hooded Character Blanket

This easy-to-make cozy blanket has a built-in hood and can be made into any character you'd like!

Step 1: Pick a Character and Gather Materials

For this project, Dratini, I choose you! (But you can choose any Pokémon or other character you'd like.)

What you'll need:
- a fleece blanket or any large piece of material
  (I used a blue blanket that was 55'' x 79'' and had a ton of material left-over)
- accent fabric, depending on what character you are making
  (I cut out pieces from a white sweater and scraps of black fabric)
- matching thread
- velcro (or snaps, buttons, etc.)
- sewing machine
- pins and needles
- scissors
- ruler

Step 2: Make the Blanket Body

Drape the blanket over your shoulders and mark the desired length of your blanket body. Then cut off the excess that will be used later for the hood (I cut mine just above my knee). Your blanket body should be a rectangle.

You can turn the cut edge (Edge a) over 2 times and then sew it closed to finish the edge. If you are using fleece, this is not necessary because the material won't unravel.

Step 3: Make the Hood

You will need to cut out 1x HOOD PIECE #1 and 2x HOOD PIECE #2 out of your extra fabric.

Sew the curved edge (Edge b) of each HOOD PIECE #2 to each long edge (Edge b) of HOOD PIECE #1. Fitting a curved edge to a straight edge is a little tricky, but using lots of pins to keep the pieces in place will help.

I finished the seams with a serger, but you could use a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine, or leave the edges raw.

Turn the brim of your hood (Edge c) over 2 times and sew closed.

Sew Edge a of your hood to Edge a of your blanket body.

Step 4: Add Accent Details

Add any accent pieces such as eyes, ears, noses, horns, etc.

I stuffed my ears and nose with polyfill to make them a little puffier. I sewed my pieces on by hand, but fabric glue could work too. I also added a white belly.

Step 5: Add Closure

Try on your hooded blanket and add a velcro closure (or snaps, button, etc.) where you would like it to keep the front of your blanket closed.

Now wear your hooded blanket proudly.


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    Question 1 year ago

    I know the whole point of this is to do it yourself, but do you happen to sell these? It's beautiful and you did such a lovely job!!


    3 years ago

    Any tips on how to keep the wings sticking up? Mine are a little floppy. :-(


    4 years ago

    Its soooo adorable!

    curly gurly
    curly gurly

    5 years ago

    You should try adding sleeves to make it a robe!! :) great job!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi everyone! If you like my instructable, please vote for it in the Sew Warm Contest. Thanks! :)