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For christmas I made a bunch of these hoodie scarves for friends and family but never got around to making a instructable for it!

These are great to wear with coats that are not hooded and they are adorable for children!

Step 1: Drafting the Pattern

Using an old hoodie make the pattern for the hood sides and a long rectangle for the top (this gives it dimension). The pictures above illustrate my pattern making process. From your pattern you will cut the outer material of the hoodie leaving plenty of seam allowance!

Step 2: Sewing the Ears

For bear ears specifically I cut out 4 identical pieces in the ear shape. I placed two pieces right sides together and sewed around the edge leaving the bottom open. After sewing turn them right side out and decide on the placement of the "fold" or "flop" of the ear.

Step 3: Constructing the Outer Hoodie

I placed the ears 3 inches from the front of the hood and carefully pinned them in place. Next I lined up the top rectangular part of the hood with the curved side portion of the hood pinning where I will be sewing. The ear is essentially sandwiched between the two layers. I sewed along the pins and repeated the process for the other side of the hoodie (placing the ear and lining up the opposite side of the hoodie rectangular piece with the left side of the hoodie).

Step 4: Hoodie Lining

For the inside of the hoodie I used a fluffy white material for warmth and comfort. The sewing process is the same used to make the outer of the hoodie but without the ears. I placed the inner and outer hoodies together and stitched along the top seams to be sure the two stay in place (along the pins shown in the second picture).

Step 5: Binding

To finish the brim of the hoodie I essentially made a bias tape using a long 2" strip of satin fabric. Began by sewing right sides together to the inside edge of the hoodie then folding over and straight stitching the bias tape to the outside edge of the hoodie.

Step 6: Further Securing the Lining and Outer Layer

To be sure the layers don't slip and slide around I ended the hoodie portion of this project by straight stitching both layers together along the bottom of the hoodie about 1 inch in.

Step 7: Creating the Scarf

I wanted my scarf to be rather long (~30 inches) so the pattern I made was a long rectangle 5.5" wide and 16.5" long. This pattern was cut out twice on a fold so I ended up with two 5.5" by 33" pieces. Next I measured the width of the hoodie where the scarf will be attached and noted that down as 24". Sewing the scarf each half was folded lengthwise with right sides together. From the photo you can see I sewed entirely down one length and one width, I left the second width open and left 12" of the second length open (24/2). I turned the two halves right side out and attached them to one another via right sides together on the open end width (picture 4 above).

Step 8: Sew the Scarf and Hoodie Together

So we have a scarf with a 24" pocket open the the center and a finished hoodie. All we do to attach the two is pin the lower width of the hoodie into the pocket and straight stitch the two!

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    3 years ago

    That's pretty rad.I think if you removed the ears and replaced the cupcakes by Chanel logo prints you might get a call from Karl Lagerfeld ! They're all over this "urban guerilla" style clothing in high fashion right now, aren't they?


    3 years ago

    I haven't seen something this cool in a while lol. Great job, the final product looks great