Hoodies No-Sew Costumes




Introduction: Hoodies No-Sew Costumes

These Hoodie No -sew Costumes are made from store bought hoodies with foam details glued on.

Step 1:

I drew out the features for the Olaf hoodie onto craft foam . I used a1/4 thick foam. The thinner foams that are available are good for the eyes and nose ,but a thicker foam is needed for the hair ,buttons and arms.

After laying out the hoodie on the floor I measured the length of the arms and cut 1/2 strips to go from the shoulder seam to the cuff seam. the hands were cut the size of the cuffs. The arms and hands were then glued to the hoodie with GOOP adhesive . I buy GOOP at Home Depot in the paint dept.

With the hood folded down flat I glued a one piece tuft of twig hair to the very top and two eyebrows right under the twig hair.

The eyes are two circle of foam that I painted black circles at the center and a rim of black at the edge.

For the nose I cut a foam carrot shape that fits right between the eyes and extends past the edge of the hood. I only glue the top area of the carrot nose .

It is hard to see but there is a large tooth glued to the inside of the front of the hood.

For the buttons I cut 3 foam irregular circles. These were glued to one side only of the front of the hoodie. Before these were glued on I placed plastic over the side of the hoodie that I left unglued.

The Goop sets up pretty quickly. The costume only takes an hour to make, but drying time on the glue should be several hours.

Step 2:

The Toothless Dragon costume is a made from a plain black zip-front hoodie and fleece pants. All the features are from craft foam , wire, duct tape and glue.

The foam pieces are shown in the photo. They should be made cut to sizes that would fit the hood like in the photo of the assembled head. The eyes are layers of foam glued together , the eye details could be painted on instead. After all the pieces for the head are cut out pin them to the head . Readjust until they look just right. Once you are pleased with the look then glue all the pieces in place. Bo fairly generous with the glue, but keep the amount of glue showing to a minimum.

The wings have two layers of foam with a wire taped onto one layer in the middle. After taping the wire in place glue the one layer of wings onto another layer. I chose to only cut out one piece of the wings ,then glued that onto another rectangle of foam. After the glue was set the second layer was r cut easily following the shape of the first layer.

The tail is about the same length as the wearers legs. Mine is a double layer of foam glued together. There are little side wings glued between the layers at the very top of the tail

Both the tail and wings have velcro glued to them to allow for easy detachment. The wearer is able to sit easily and the costume is easier to wash.

AS long as GOOP or other waterproof glue is used hese costumes are washable on a delicate cycle. Lay them flat to dry.

Step 3:



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    16 Discussions

    there SO CUTE i love them

    my cosins would totally wear those they love toothless and olaf

    My brother and sister would TOTALLY wear those!

    does anybody make something like this toothless hoodie?


    I've seen "hoodie" cuisines before, but you really made them awesome! Great ideas in using the crafting foam for the features, I seen to always over think everything! Great explanations!!!

    1 reply

    Do you think something like hot glue would work well with the details on the hood?

    Awesome idea! Will definitely be doing this in the future : )

    This is so cute, and so easy for parents on a budget, and those who may not have the knowledge or talent to sew a costume (like myself). Good job! :0)


    3 years ago

    The Toothless one is awesome!

    Thanks , everyone. Our 2 year old is fussy and doesn't like to wear costumes, but she really likes these!

    great simple idea. I will have to do this for my little ones.

    This is a smart idea! Instead of buying those costume hoodies that may be expensive ($50 - $60), you can make your own!


    3 years ago

    I've shown the Dragons costume to my daughter - she loved it instantly and ordered one for the upcoming carnival season. :)

    These are absolutely adorable! And such a great idea for those of us that don't sew! I don't have kids but I wont let a little detail like that keep me from trying this out, it's just too awesome!! Great job and thorough explanations =)

    I have to tell you when I click on this and saw the first picture I involuntarily made a high pitch noise of "dawww." I then continued to make it as I saw your awesome child. These costumes are awesome, and even better that they're no sew! You should enter this into our Halloween Costume Contest. Thanks for sharing!

    They are adorable and I really like the white dots on the eyes it makes them pop out. what a lucky kid to have custom costumes.