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Intro: Hook & Ring Toss Game Instructions

The Hook & Ring Toss Games has been a Caribbean Bar favorite for a long time.

Many designs of the Hook & Ring Toss Game have been made through the years. Island Jay sells multiple versions of the same game and just the parts. However, we realize that you can make this game at home with a little patience and time with parts from your local hardware store. We are happy to provide our instructions on how to set up your own Hook & Ring Toss Game at no charge to you.

What you will need

1- Exterior Grade Open Hook, approx 3.5-5" long|
1- Exterior Grade Eye Hook, approx 1" long.
1- 6-7 feet of String
1- Exterior Grade Ring. Known as a welded ring, we suggest at least a 2" diameter
2- 2" Exterior Grade Screws
1- 6" of Adhesive Strips (optional to use instead of the screws)
1- Game Board or place to put the screw hook into.

Our instructions assume you are using a game board, but you can easily put the open hook into any wall and skip the Game Board and 2 screws.

Step 1: Screw the Open Hook Into the Center Hole of the Game Board.

Step 2: Attached Your Game Board to a Wall Using the Adhesive Strips or Screws. the Board Should Be Between 48”-60” From the Floor.

Step 3: Screw the Eye Hook Into the Ceiling About 5 Feet From the Wall.

Step 4: Tie the Ring to One End of the String and Hang the Ring on the Open Hook.

Step 5: Thread the Other End of the String Through the Eye Hook and Pull Until the String Starts to Pick Up the Ring While on the Open Hook. Tie the String to the Eye Hook.

Step 6: Unhook the Ring and Move It Around to Make Sure It Can Land on the Hook. Make Sure the String Is Taught, Just Like If It Was Tossed.

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9 Discussions


8 months ago

Are there any rules to this game as for score keeping etc.....?


1 year ago

Just saw this game at Bahama Bucks and the kids and I had so much fun playing it.


3 years ago

Oh well.. I tried to upload a picture of it, but I don't see it. :(


3 years ago

Hey! Wanted to share what I made...It's engraved & painted... But I'm wondering why mine sometimes makes a vibrating sound (when I miss the hook) when the ring hits the hook? Just wondering if it's supposed to make that sound and if not, what do I need to do to fix it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)


4 years ago

Seriously awesome idea for an 'ible, my friend. MANY MANY an hour at the Tiki Lounge listening to great music and relaxing with a cold one (or a few)... Just be careful, a few too many does NOT help in this game ;) Thanks alot brother, great great idea!!


4 years ago

There is a bar in Ft Lauderdale called the Bahia Cabana and it has had this same game up for about 30+ years. They used to hold tournaments back in the 80's. I've spent many hours playing that game, sooo much fun. Thanks for your post, I hope everyone makes one. I know I will. It's a great drinking game, lol. But fun for kids and adults.

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