Hook-on Guitar Strap for Acoustic Guitar.




Introduction: Hook-on Guitar Strap for Acoustic Guitar.

This strap is useful for a classical/folk or Spanish-style guitar which doesn’t have a knob on the end of the body to attach a "normal" guitar strap.

These guitars are usually played sitting down, but sometimes you may want to stand up or walk around while you play.

This design of  strap can just be hooked on when needed, without damaging the guitar in any way. I made one years ago, and it's still working really well. 

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
Strong cord – about 11/2 metres; thick enough for strength and comfort
Four-pronged curtain “pleat holder” - see photo
Small piece of thick felt- about 5 x 9 cm
Needle and thread or craft glue
Piece of thick material (e.g. windcheater material) – about 30 x 40 cm (optional – for neck pad)

Step 2: Make a Loop

 a) Carefully open out the hook of the curtain pleater to reduce the kink in it ( gently- don't snap the hook off) ,

  b) then bend back again to make a more  rounded, closed loop.

  c) Push it back so the back of the loop is flush with the prongs.

Step 3: Make the Hook

Carefully bend each prong back the other way, checking that they are all bent at the same place.

Step 4: Cover the Hook

 Wrap the felt around the prongs. Leave a little extra at the ends so that the prongs are completely covered.
If gluing, leave a ½ cm or so overlap in the middle.
Sew or glue the ends and up the middle to join the felt around the prongs, leaving the loop sticking out.

Step 5: Add the Cord

Bend the prongs right back.
Thread the cord through the loop.
Tie the cord ends together with a bow for now, so you can adjust them.

Step 6: Try Out Your Strap

Hook into the sound hole, pass the strap under the guitar and around your neck.
Check the length and adjust if necessary. You should be able to play the guitar comfortably.

Step 7: Make a Neck Pad (optional)

If you want to make a pad for your neck, fold the material over several times with the cord inside.
Tuck in the ends and sew  together.
Make sure you tie the cord securely.

If your cord is a bit short, you can just make the pad, and sew the ends of the cord into each end of the pad (make sure you check that the length will be correct before you sew in the ends, as you can’t adjust this one).

Step 8: The Completed Strap

Your strap should fit around your neck and hook into your guitar so that it's supported in a comfortable position to play.

Make sure you don't put extra pressure on the strap- it's just to help support the guitar while you play, but it isn't designed for heavy use.

Have fun with it :)

If you'd like an abbreviated PDF version of these instructions,  visit my website, www.cathyschords.com - there are also "learn-to-play"  tips, basic chord charts, easy-to-follow songs (old favourites/folk and children's songs) and a key transposer to print and assemble. These are all free for non-commercial use.

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Wow, this is just what I needed! My cheap little ukulele doesn't have any knobs to hook a "normal" strap to, either. This is a brilliant idea! Thank you!!


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You're welcome:)
    I haven't actually tried it on a ukulele - I was going to get a narrower curtain hook to try it, as I think the 4-prong hook might be a bit wide to get into the uke hole.
    One idea I saw for helping to hold a uke without slipping is to put a bit of that non-slip rubber mat at the back of it; I haven't done that either but it seemed to work OK ;)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The non-slip mat would be really handy, actually... Maybe I'll try that next.
    I jury-rigged a strap sort of like yours with a lanyard and a paperclip (all I had lying around) and it worked ok. The lanyard was too long, but if I could get a strap the right length it would work really well. :D


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I tried out the pink strap last weekend... I'd highly recommend adding the neck pad and using thick cord- the thin cord cuts in to your neck after a while!