Hopper Speed Loader

This is a simple instructable that shows you how to make a quick loader for your Viewloader Evolution Hopper. I got this idea from a product on ebay, I tried to find a link to it but I couldn't. So just putting this out there i did not think of this, but I just reproduced it on my own. I don't know how patent laws and all that work, I think as long as i don't try to sell these I'm fine..I think? Anyways this is easy to make and easily adaptable to most hoppers. I made one of these a few years ago but it was pretty primitive, Im going to make another one to get some pictures! The pictures were taken with Photo Booth so they are not the best, but you'll get the "picture."

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Step 1: Tools and Materials.

>Screwdriver (to take your old lid/cover off)
> A binder/ file folder... it needs to be material that snaps back to its original form after bending it
> A piece of paper and pencil (for the template)
> Scissors or heavy duty snips of some sort to cut the plastic
> Your hopper of course
> some kind of measuring device to use as a reference

Step 2: Make the Template 1

First, we are going to make the template. Take some paper or a flexi something and make a reference between the two screw holes. It works best if you tape your paper or whatever it is evenly around the hopper.

Then to make it easier on you, keeping it taped down, I cut the part sticking up into thirds down to the plastic.

After that I folded the middle part down as you can see in picture 2 and made a mark about a half inch above the lip/edge. With these rough dimensions you can create your template. Mine was about 7" (long) and 4 1/4" (radius/ height)... so not quite an exact semi-circle

Step 3: Make the Template 2

I just made some marks on graph paper and then tried to keep everything symmetrical. I drew a semi-circular arc from not the screw mark, but about a half-inch outside of that, to the top/middle. I only drew half because you can fold it and then cut it out to keep everything symmetrical.

Finally I experimented with some different cut-outs and found that the fewer finger like things you have going into the hopper the better, otherwise they get cramped in there and it looks like an awful smile.

Step 4: Cutting and Installation

Now using the binder that you have, just carefully tape the template down and cut away.

You can then poke holes where the screws go and screw it on, put the plastic fingers under the top lip and be the quickest loader on the field!

Its very efficient, you just push your pod right into the fingers and just about all the balls go in the hopper depending on how much pressure you are getting from an opponent! The best part is they stay in the hopper extremely well!

I hope you liked my first instructable, If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to leave them!

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    6 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. Could you be more specific about what type of plastic this is - I guess the material proprieties matter? L

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    The plastic is about as thick as a dime or so, its pretty durable, as long as it can snap back to its original shape, I think you should be fine. You can probably find a binder/organizer at any office supply store.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Do you know what it is - polypropylene, PVC? Burning and sniffing is one way to find out but I'm not suggesting that. I think I know the binders you mean, I'll have a look at the weekend. L


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yes I do believe you are right about the polyproylene, I did some research and burnt it and it floats, drips, yellow/blue flame, I dont know about the "sweet" smell, but anything that it was close to was polyethelene