Horcrux Cave Harry Potter With Removeable Top

Introduction: Horcrux Cave Harry Potter With Removeable Top

Lets get started

PLEASE VOTE (it took me and my little brother over an hour to build for the fact of we were creating it as we go along)

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Step 1: Gathering Matirials

you will need 2 big pieces of cardboard

blue construction paper

Lots of black construction paper

masking tape

scotch tape

Something to cut cardboard

White paper

Glue dots(optional)

Lots of Popsicle sticks

Lolypop sticks (wood or paper)

Step 2: Cut Cardboard for the Walls

you will want to cut cardboard for walls

You can cut however much you think is good to surround your base with one opening left.

i had one big piece and i cut it into two walls and one roof. you get the third piece from your base

Step 3: Cover Your Roof and Walls in Black

to do this you need to take your black construction paper and cover your roof on the front and backside and your 3 walls on the front side

TIP = you can trim off the small cardboard pieces that are jutting out as shown in picture 6

Step 4: Now to Attach Your Walls to the Base

to make them stand you need to put Popsicle sticks on the back so it can lean against the base and masking tape in the front pulling it forward creating an L shape.

Do this to all three walls (walls can be jutting out)

Step 5: Making the Stalactites

you can make as many as you want you don't even have to do this step.

But to do the step you cut out a wide triangle (do not have to measure), than roll the triangle up from the sides. than tape the stalactite so it wont come apart. Than fold the bottom and tape it to the roof of your cave

Step 6: Than Make the Water

Tape blue construction paper all over the base (bottom of the cave)

Step 7: Than You Can Put the Roof Holders In(sticks)

you want to stick 2 sticks into the cardboard up front as shown

Step 8: Than Building the Boat

to build the boat you need to tape 3 sticks together. Than cut a strip of paper and fold it to look like the letter Z, Than tape the bottom of the Z to the sticks

Step 9: Than Build the Island

you need to create the island so to do that you take ten Popsicle sticks and put two on the outside and tape then together

to do this you need to take 3 lolypop sticks and make a circle out of paper. Than fold the circle in in half twice so there is 4 spaces. Than take the lolypop sticks and put them as shown in picture 4. Than tape them there. Than tape the horcrux holder onto the island.

Step 10: And Put the Island in and Your Done!

Thank you for reading. Enjoy:).

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    3 years ago

    Ops i forgot to say to put the roof on top in the last step.


    Reply 3 years ago

    You can edit the instructable after publishing, just click on the "edit instructable" button on the Author tab at the top of the page.

    Then you can add the missing information for whichever step you want :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    ok thanks


    3 years ago

    all you do is just set it on top