Horizontal Lashing


Introduction: Horizontal Lashing

Made by Evakyl

Step 1: First, Start Out With Your Trusty Clove Hitch.

Step 2: Take the Other End of the Cordage and Proceed to Slip It Under the Next Piece of the Object.

Step 3: Then You You Over the Next. and Over the Next. and Under the Next... Etc

Step 4: At Some Point (probably Half Way Through Your Cordage) After You Go Under or Over, Wrap the Cordage Around That Object and Switch the Direction. Instead of Going Over, You Now Go Under and Vice Versa.

Step 5: Eventually, You Will Notice You Are Running Out Cordage. Now Is the Time to Tie Off the Lashing With Yet Another Clove Hitch.

Step 6: And Your Done! Examine Your Handywork.



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    1 year ago

    well done I pretty sure it's called a square lashing not a parallel lashing and the turnes (stage4) are called frappings.

    can you make a video for this
    i love those trick <3