Horizontal Vise (My Table Top Shavehorse Without the Horse)

Introduction: Horizontal Vise (My Table Top Shavehorse Without the Horse)

I have wanted for some time a Shavehorse. However I do not have the room to store it. So I decided t build a scaled down version of it, that didn't require foot pressure, just simple clamping like in a vise.

For those of you who do not know what a Shavehorse is I have included a photo and some links below on how to build them or buy one if you have some (LOTS) of spare cash.

So here it is my table top shavehorse. Minus the horse.

Basic Build

Build on on the cheap!

Buy One

Step 1: Parts

I found some lawn mower nobs on clearance at the big box home improvements store. They where threaded with 5/16.
So I got a 36" long 5/16ths threaded rod.
Two nuts threaded for 5/16ths
Two washers that fit the nuts.
I already had two large washers that i thought would fit under the mower knobs.

As for the lumber. I had some old 2X4 size lumber from a pallet. It is some sort of hardwood. The base is pine 1"X12"  I cut it to about 15".


2 Mower knobs
1 threaded rod
2 Nuts
4 Washers

Hard wood top piece
Wide pine base

A saw- I used a hand saw but table or band saw would work
Dremel bits
Drill Bits

Step 2: Preparation and Assembly

First thing I did was cut the 36" rod in half with the dremel tool. I flattened the cut edges so it wasn't sharp.
The inside of the mower knobs was full of plastic so I had to rough out the plastic with my dremel and a small sanding bit.
Nest I turned to the wood. I found the center line of the small hardwood board and picked out three marks on one side and their corresponding position on the other side of the board.
Then I clamped the hardwood board to the pine board and used a 5/16th drill bit to run holes through both boards on the lines I marked.
I then clamped to piece to my "workbench" and put a rod through holes in the middle of each side of the wood. I but the small washer and nut on the underside and the large washer and knob on the top side.

That is it!

Step 3: All Done and Future Upgrades

That is it. So far I have used it for three or four projects. I plan to use it on my walking stick making, much like what a Shavehorse would be used for. This project was simple and cheap. So far it has paid for itself.

Upgrades and future ideas

In the future I will use hardwood for the bottom as well. The pine just doesn't seem to like all the strain.
I will probable also use four knobs rather than two. I have to use a wrench to really tighten the vise up.
In the future I will also either affix this to a bench permanently or hold it down with a hold fast.

I am open to any and all suggestions and criticisms. It was a simple project and I didn't put a lot of planning into it.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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    7 years ago

    You could always make a shaving pony too: http://www.frontiernet.net/~dmatt/shavepony/


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing your hard work! I will share this with my hubby! Have a splendorous day!