Horn From a Drinking Straw





Introduction: Horn From a Drinking Straw

How to make a cool horn out of a drinking straw. The video shows the whole process and demonstrates the use of the horn and shows some of the modification possibilities.

This is a great little trick that you can easily whip out for comic relief next time your are sitting at a restaurant. The sounds produced range from a duck call to a flagulent.

This is a great sound production platform and yields well to modification. The possibilities are almost endless.

Step 1: Cut the Straw

If you prefer, you can see this entire Instructable in video format.

Flatten an inch or so of the end of the straw and then cut the corners of the straw off starting about 1/2 inch from the end. The remaining flaps are the reeds that produce the sound.

The sound produced is affected by the shape and length of the reeds, so try cutting the corners off at different angles and starting at different lengths from the end of the straw.

Step 2: Blow

Playing the horn is pretty easy. Just blow. If it doesn't work, try varying the volume of air you are blowing or biting down on the straw to flatten it a little more. I find that I get the best results when the straw lightly touches my top teeth.

Step 3: Modify It

In the video I show some basic modifications using a funnel and some PVC pipe. The sound that is produced is much fuller and louder than the bare straw.

I also experimented with fitting one PCV pipe into another to make something similar to a trombone. If you watched the video, I am sure that you were very impressed with my rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that I played on this instrument.



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    Hysterical!!! Got to make this... it will annoy the dickens out of my mom. ;) Really cool.

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    I really love the creativity in making things. I think with a sound knowledge one will improve drastically check http://www.art.unn.edu.ng

    This is wonderful, Shoemaker. It will go well in my new Maker band: The Dr Seuss-a-phone (Brass section) The PVC Native american flute (Wind) The Propane tank Hang drum (Percussion) The PVC Weed wacker string Standup Bass (Strings) And, finally, the wind section.....Drinking Straw Clarinet (Woodwind) Now, if I can just get enough crazy people to play with. If anyone is interested, I will post links to all the instruments.

    12 replies

    These sound awesome! I'd love to get the links to all as my daughter-in-law is a band teacher and I know she'd love to have them. Just something to break up the day to day lessons.

    I love these straws, and any weird musical instrument. I would love to be in your band. Contact me somehow, I don't think I can post an e-mail address. But post some links.lol.

    Hi there i like your idea and i think imk crazy enough. Will you post me your links im really interested

    I made one of these in Jr. High using 2 straws from different places to make a "slide whistle" type oboe.. It was fun to play.

    Sounds like farting, pfff pfff pfff pfff, no offence, XD