Horror Makeup- Torn Face




Introduction: Horror Makeup- Torn Face

Want to do a makeup like this? It isn't hard, nor is it expensive. Give it a try when you want to be scary.

Step 1: Gather Needed Materials

1. a razor

2. lotion

3. toilet paper

4. liquid latex (available online or in craft stores, get the kind you can use on skin, and test it beforehand, to make sure you don't have latex allergies!)

5. paintbrushes/sponges (cheap and smaller is better)

6. makeup that matches your skin tone

7. makeup that doesn't (red, white, and black are the minimum for this one, but you can get fancy, too. Available cheap around Halloween, any cheapo makeup will do.)

8. fake blood if you want it gory

9. (optional) makeup remover (if you need to clean up fast) or finishing spray (if you want to make the makeup last)

Step 2: Prepare Your Face

After you make sure you're not allergic to latex, make sure your face is protected.

1. Wash it

2. Shave it in the areas that will have latex on it. No chin hairs, etc. (Trust me, it'll be just like waxing if you don't.)

3. Put some lotion on it. (Your skin will be much happier if it is moisturized before latex gets poured on. It'll also make removal painless)

4. Put up your hair, if applicable.

Remember- you won't be able to move your mouth much in this makeup without damaging it.

Step 3: Put on the Latex

If it comes with a brush, great- if not, use a cheap, disposable one you won't mind ruining.

Getting the latex fumes near your eye may make it feel weird- I recommend you close the eye you're near until you've let the fumes air out. Then you should be fine.

Brush an area wider than you expect the edge to be. (Do this because you want the edge to be very thin, so it'll blend into your skin without distinct divisions.) Just give it a layer and let it dry. A fan or a hairdryer may expedite the process.

Step 4: Now for the Toilet Paper

Take your toilet paper and make it 1 ply if it isn't. Tear it to the desired shape.

Next, give your face another layer of latex, this time staying back from the edge (remember, the far edge should be thin so it blends.) BEFORE it dries, stick the toilet paper on. Press and smooth it evenly. Then let it dry.

Step 5: Repeat for the Other Side

Just like that, do it again for the other side.

Step 6: Layer Over That With More Latex

Spread on some more latex over top the toilet paper to harden it and make it more skin-like.

Step 7: Repeat Until Desired Thickness

Keep adding layers of latex and toilet paper until it is the thickness you desire. For this makeup, I only added 2 layers of toilet paper. Anyway, make sure the last layer is thoroughly and evenly coated in latex and let it dry.

Step 8: Peel

Peel back the inside parts. Make it the shape you want, like it is ripped or torn. (see next slide for what I did exactly) You could even add bits hanging off your face. Whatever makes it look like how you want your scary makeup. Once done, add a bit more latex to the peeled edges, to make sure there isn't any exposed toilet paper.

Step 9: Blending It Into Your Skin

Use the makeup that matches your skin tone. Color the latex to match you. Blend the edges into your skin. If you did it correctly and the outside edges are thin, this should look pretty decent. If there are parts that don't blend well, we can fix them later.

Step 10: The Teeth

Use the white costume makeup. Feel free to go with sharp teeth. Or maybe play with it- smile or frown? Anyway, just paint them over your lips with a brush.

Step 11: Black

It'll help if you have a small paintbrush. Coat it in black makeup and brush in between the teeth you made. Then over the "root zone." Then add bits of black to the rest of the exposed area, so it'll have texture later.

Step 12: Red

Now for the red makeup. Try adding gums to the teeth. Also, add some red to all the exposed area.

(Also, if you want, here is where you can get crazy with the colors. Some green or yellow in the teeth? Go ahead!)

Step 13: Make the Details Count

Here is where you can fix the blending. Try putting a bit of red on your finger. Rub it so it's just a light bit. Then gently run it along the outside of the ripped area. It'll make it look kind of sore, which is a lovely detail.

Make sure the exposed inside looks nice and red, with some black bits for texture. Did you make sure to get underneath the pulled-back flaps? You're nearly done.

Step 14: Fake Blood and Done!

Add fake blood to your heart's content! Dripping, clotting, splattered, none, etc!

Now show it off! You can't move your mouth much, but hey, you've got a scary face. If you want it to last longer, you can seal it with sealant spray.

Step 15: Removal Information

If you shaved, lotion-ed up, and kept your hair out of the way, removal of the latex should be a painless pull. Take it off! For the other makeup, just wash up in the sink or shower. The makeup that matches your skin tone may be made to last, so it may need makeup remover liquid. Otherwise, just clean up.

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    11 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Really Scary...I like that it looks so realistic, you are very talented!


    4 years ago

    y'know, i just looked @ this before retiring for the night. i will blame you for my nightmares tonight {& i assure you, i WILL have some}!

    it's great, but it's also really DISGUSTING! x^P


    5 years ago

    Try it


    5 years ago

    Oooo so scary?. And your first word in the instructions was' razor' and i almost expected s joke here but then. Was a good instructable


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, I'd love to see a picture if you do, mate.


    5 years ago

    Wow this looks kinda creepy !


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your parents should have taught you not to stick lite firecrackers in your mouth.