Horror Movie Gash, Picking Partners and Setting Up

Introduction: Horror Movie Gash, Picking Partners and Setting Up

During the course of this project, Kyle, Will, and Dirk composed make-up designs that consisted of bruises, burns, and gashes, the first step in the process. Would be picking efficient partners. You'll also need MANY materials for this job! These include:
Modeling wax
Plastic Knife or Exacto Knife
Fake blood
Bruise Wheel
Stipple sponge
Translucent Powder

Step 1: The Beginning of a Gash - Set

First, you apply lotion to the artist which is composing the gash's hand. This allows for the modeling wax to prevent from sticking to the artist's hands.

Step 2: Modeling Wax Applying

Next, you apply the wax to the skin and spread it into a mound in which you mold into a somewhat - like able shape. This will be cut later, so do not worry about making it look like a cut. Apply some translucent powder here, or at the end of the project in order to allow the gash to blend with the skin. Allowing for a less "shiny" or fake look to it.

Step 3: Cutting

After proceeding to apply a mound of wax, the artist will cut the mound in half with a plastic knife, or in this instance an exacto knife. Make sure to consider safety when cutting the wax as it is close to skin. The gap for the cut should be judged by the artist as it is by preference, not measured.

Step 4: Fake Blood, Beginning

The artist will then take his "Bruise Wheel" and apply black bruise make up to the inside of the cut, after this, the artist will begin to fill the cut with little amounts of fake blood. This part of the project is more based on preference of the artist.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

The final touches consist of the applying of fake blood with the stipple sponge making a more spattered blood effect. Besides this, the artist may apply some extra fake blood to make it more realistic. Clean-up consists of simple rubbing alcohol or soap rubbing off the gash,

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