Horror Teeth From Watermelon

About: University student, Physics course.

Make some frightening teeth to scare your friends!

Step 1: Get Yourself a Watermelon

Step 2: Cut the Peel Off

Cut a slice of watermelon: eat the inside and take the peel apart.

Make sure that the slice is thick enough, this will be the maximum length of your teeth.

Notice how the curved shape of the peel makes it a good candidate for halloween teeth.

Step 3: Start Cutting

Practise taking off triangles for classic vampire teeth. You can let your imagination flow and make infinite shapes for your denture!

Step 4: The Final Product

Now you can use it as it is, or peel away the green part.

Make it thinner if you want to place it in contact of your gum, or sink your teeth directly in it until it is stable (I find it uncomfortable though).

Step 5: Creep Out Children

Show your smile proudly to the world!



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