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Introduction: Horse Blanket Rack

This Instructable came out of a need to organize my horse blankets and desire not to spend upwards of $25 on a blanket rack. So after some planning I figured out a quick and easy way to make a personalized blanket rack for less than $10. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Supplies

My mission for the blanket rack was to have as few items as possible.
The rack is made from:
• 1/2 inch PVC pipe (length is up to you)
• Parachute cord
• Duct tape
• Eye bolt (optional)
• Size 8 washers

Tools used:
• Drill
• Pipe cutter (though any saw capable of cutting the PVC will do)
• Scissors or razor knife
• Lighter
• Sand paper
• Permanent marker
• Yard stick, tape measure, or other means of measurement

Step 2: Cut & Drill PVC

PVC cames in a variety of lengths and the size that you use depends on your needs. I have both pony and horse sized blankets so I made one 2 feet in width and one 3 feet in width. I purchased four 5 feet long pieces of 3/4 inch PVC and cut them to the desired length with the pipe cutter.

I then placed marks one and a half inches in from the end for the parachute cord holes. Make sure that when you drill the holes that they are even with each other and that you use a drill bit that is either the same size as your cording or slightly bigger due to the knots that will be tied later.

Finally, use a small piece of sandpaper to remove any sharp pieces left from the drill. This will cut down on the wear on the cording.  

Step 3: Covering the Ends

While hardware stores do have caps for PVC of many different sizes I was unable to locate the size needed for PVC that I purchased. I then realized that duct tape would work just fine for the job. Cut a small square that leaves about a 1/4 inch overlap (does not need to be exact) and then center it over the end of the pipe. Cut diagonally from the corners towards the pipe and then fold the end around the end of the pipe (refer to pictures). Once all of the edges are folded cut another thin strip of duct tape to wrap around the end of the pipe to cover the edges of the first piece and make a nice clean edge. 

Step 4: Now for the Cording

First thing first, you have to decide how long/tall you want your blanket rack to be. I chose to have 1 foot between each PVC rack and 1 & 1/2  feet for the top for hanging the rack. However, after finishing mine and hanging it I discovered that it was a bit long for the space that rack was going. Anyways, measure out the parachute cord to your desired length and double it. After cutting make sure to close the ends of the cording by melting it which will prevent the cording from fraying.

Next fold the cord in half and tie a knot at the top leaving enough at the top to hang on a hook or wherever you have chosen to place it. Then measure the desired length from the top knot to the first PVC rack. Mark this spot by wrapping it with a small piece of duct tape.

Next thread the cording through the holes on the first rack followed by a washer. Once on push the PVC & washer up past the duct tape marker and then tie a knot just below the duct tape. Push the PVC & washer back down so that they sit on the knot and the duct tape it visible on either side of the pipe (this will provide some protection from wear for the cording. Do this step three more times and voila!! You have a blanket rack!  

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    i made one of these a long time ago for saddle pads i think im gonna use it for blankets too.