Horseshoe & Spur Book Ends

Introduction: Horseshoe & Spur Book Ends

About: I am an amateur do it your selfer. I enjoy working with wood and light metal work in my spare time.

Had fun putting the book ends together. Only took about 2 hours. But took over night for paint to dry.

Step 1: Horseshoes

You will need 4 shoes

Step 2: Spurs

If you have a couple old Spurs lying around that would do or just what ever you would like to put on them that interest you.

Step 3: Weld Horseshoes & Spurs

Weld two horse shoes together. Then weld the Spurs to the shoes.

Step 4: Finish Project

Prime & paint.

Step 5: Tools

Tool you will new is a:
Welding machine
Safety glasses
Primer & paint

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    5 years ago

    Thanks I really enjoyed doing them.