Hose Reel From Washing Machine Drum and Paint Bucket

Introduction: Hose Reel From Washing Machine Drum and Paint Bucket

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Stainless steel is a metal perfect for outdoors use ,and since I had the front and back parts of a washing machine drum lying around ,I imagine that joining them to a cutted 20 liters paint bucket with it's lid and a old kitchen water mixer ,a usefull hose reel could be done.

I made this one a couple of years ago ,was always at open sky,and still is nice and shining,it let me roll up 30 meters of 1/2" hose,and unroll it easily while I'm watering garden and backyard

Now I disassemble it to show how was made.

Step 1: Materials

Pic1 washing machine front and back parts

Pic2 3 8mm self threading bolts(16 cm long),1/2" elbow,1/2" connector,an a old kitchen water mixer(I cut the bended end to get a straight tube)

Pic3 cut 15 cm of a paint bucket and its lid

Pic4 casing of a ball bearing and the axe of the hose reel

Step 2: Fixing the Hose Rotary Part

Cut 15cm of the upper side of the paint bucket and drill a 1/2" hole ,pass the 1/2" elbow thru it connected with a little hose to the water mixer thru a 1/2" threaded connector,inserted in the water mixer,these ones are holded by a clamp and 2 bolts to the lid.

A fast connector could be used instead of the water mixer,since both parts of the fast connector can freely rotate in between

Step 3: Joining Both Parts

Put the plastic cilynder cutted from the bucket ,centered on the back side of the drum ,drill a 5mm hole inside of the bucket circumference,and coinciding with wich one of the aluminum arm(pic1 and 2)

Also make holes coinciding on the bucket lid(pic3)

On picture 4 we can see the position of the self threading bolts

Step 4: The Support

The support was made from scrap of a polisher motor,inserted on it is the ball bearing.

The the ball bearing casing was welded in order to give the hose reel a sturdy support

This support is firmly screwed to the wall letting to the hose reel rotate easyly.

Hope I were clear explaining the construction of this project,if so and is useful for you please don't forget to vote it in backyard and metal contest. Tank You

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