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Once upon a time, there a catgirl, ops, a girl, who loved stuffed animals. Her mother gave her these stuffed animals for her birthday, nameday, Xmas, and other festivities. Unluckly, the girl was allergic to animal fur, and so her house was too little (without a garden!) to keep a cat. So she had a lot of stuffed cats.

One day, the girl was surfing the Internet, when she found the....



This was the end!!!!!!!! And the beginning of a new era.... no more buying stuffed animals.... she became an amigurumi addict.... she did cats for herself; cats for her best friends (cat lovers); giraffes for her giraffe-lover sister; dragons for her dragon-lover brother; stuffed characters for her pupils; the whole cast of Star Trek Enterprise (if Tiana kisses the frog and he becomes a prince, maybe if I kiss my amigurmi Trip he becomes an engineer?)....

This is Hoshi Nice Kitty (Hoshi after Hoshi Sato of Enterprise). :)

(As ever, I know I can't win. I just want to enter the contest because I'm an amigurumi addict and just because I like to take part in it and I like to have my works be listed with similar ones.)

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