Hosta Leaf or Fern Frond Display

About: Steward to about 20,000 trees on 40 acres.

Bring some nature inside using hosta leaves or fern fronds.


A straight sided glass vase (check thrift stores)

A clear plastic report cover

Hosta leaves or fern fronds


Table knife


Snip off a hosta leaf or fern frond that is as tall as your vase. I try to use vases 12" or more tall. Cut the report cover in half along the fold. Trim one piece of it to the height of your vase, if necessary. Carefully insert the foliage into the vase, cut stem down. Use a table knife to arrange any frond pinna or leaflets that got out of position during insertion. Roll the plastic sheet into a tube smaller than in diameter than the vase. Insert it completely into the vase and release it so it presses the leaf or frond against the glass. Add a little water to keep the greenery fresh.



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