Hot-Air Blowing Can




Introduction: Hot-Air Blowing Can

This instructable will teach you how to make an ordinary drink can blow out (very) hot air. It can be done over and over again , and only needs alcohol and an ignition source.

Step 1: Obtain the Supplies

The supplies you need are very easy to find and cost at most 5$ (for the alcohol).

Here's the small list:

1) Can. Any that's similar to a soda can would work (needs a hole smaller than the circumference of the can in which the air will escape from).

2) Isopropyl Alcohol. You can find this at places like Walgreen's or Walmart. The higher the purity, the better.

3) Ignition source. Anything that produces fire and is long enough so that your hand is out of the way of the blast would work. In my case, I used a stick with toilet paper wrapped around the end and a lighter, because I was running low on matches.

4) Something to blast hot air at. This is not really necessary, but would make the experience more fun. You can use anything, but just to let you know, the air is hot enough to ignite paper most of the time (although paper ignition might be caused by sprayed alcohol). I do not suggest using live targets, since getting burnt by the hot air is the equivalent of getting scalded by boiling water (trust me, I've tried).

Step 2: Pour the Alcohol Into the Can

The exact amount does not matter. I'd say enough alcohol to fill 1/12-1/9 of the can would be good. Just know that the alcohol should not spill out of the can if laid on it's side with the drinking hole at the lowest point.

Step 3: Shake the Can

Shake the can from side to side. The more vigorously you do this, the stronger the hot air will come out (usually). You can shake the can up and down, but some alcohol may spill out.

Step 4: Lay the Can on Its Side

Lay the can on its side with the hole downward, as the picture indicates. Point the can towards the object you are going to blow the air at (if you have one).

Step 5: Add Fire

Put your ignition source (burning stick for me) to the can's drinking hole. Make sure two thing:

1) The ignition source actually is lit on fire.

2) Your hand is not within 3 or so inches from the hole. My index finger got burnt up the first time I tried this (not knowing that hot air will come out). I felt the pain for hours.

If you did everything correctly, very hot air will come out of the can hole, accompanied by a neat whooshing sound. The force of the hot air may spray alcohol out of the can, so watch out.

To do this again, just shake the can more (if alcohol is still inside), and put your ignition source back to the hole.



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    18 Discussions

    you could alway punch a hole at the bottom of the can and lit it there...

    I accidently did something simillar a while ago, only with a large bottle with a wide opening and the alchohol inside had not only been shaken but heated and it singed 3 of my fingernails and removed the finger prints of the tips of 2 of my fingers... I couldn't take my hand out of water for about 3 hours lol, so yeah this isn't as bad but still make sure to keep your fingures clear of the hole - the flame lasts for only about quater of a second but it is EXTREMELY hot.

    What you have made is a single-pulse pulse-jet.

    The paper is not lit by hot air, but by a jet of flame leaving the opening. It's just that alcohol flames are almost invisible in daylight.

    You can make on that last a lot longer by using a jam jar with a hole in the lid and running it vertically.

    Be careful not to accidentally launch your can.

    4 replies

    maybe if your exit hole was small enough and enough alcohol fumes..... hmmm rocket propelles toy car.... sudgest you use bottles (easier to empty and refill) just punch a hole in the capand do the process

    just ignite it with a little alcohol at the end (dont make the hole too small maybee 2-3 cm will do)

    i meant toy car as in a hotwheel or matchbox, like small-small car. i have done this in a glass jar with a 1/2 cm hole, and it wouldnt ignite easily

    yhen the hole is not big enough just up the size of the hole and the bottle and it helps if the bottle is plastic not glass it gets heavy fast plus youve fgot to shake it to geet the fumes going not the alcool itself the etheonol is the gas igniter not the alcohol. just search "alcohol powered rocket" on instructables and strap it to the car just put more than 10 drops of alcohol

    lol i just did this a couple of minutes ago with a nearly empty bottle of rubbing alchohol and i too got burned

    i do this all the time!! A way to conserve alcohol is to get a spray bottle and fill it up with alcohol, set it to mist, and mist your fuel in!