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Well I'm at camp this week and I plan to do a couple instructables but when I got here, and found out there was a fire ban in place, I had to change gears so I'm going to post a couple of instructables that that I started andnever finished. I hope that their good enough.

Doing a lot of hiking you want to pack light. most hikers bring oatmeal or breakfast bars for a Quick breakfast. I thought why not combine the two

Movie quote:
Miss Hannigan: and we're not having hot mush today

Orphans: Yea!

Miss Hannigan: we're having cold mush

Orphans: aw!

Step 1: What You Need

Belvita breakfast bar any flavor
Trail mix
Hot water


Step 2: Crush

Crush the Belvita bar and add to the bowl.

And one handful of trail mix.

Add 1/2 cup of hot water and mix

Step 3: Eat


Forgot to take a final picture have to add one later



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    Great way to make a quick meal. I used to make snacks like this all the time in college.