Hot Chili Haystacks ... OMG... They Are YUMMY and Shhhhh.... Healthy! :-)

Introduction: Hot Chili Haystacks ... OMG... They Are YUMMY and Shhhhh.... Healthy! :-)

Chocolate Chili Coconut Haystacks are easy to make.

What we used... upgrade or replace items where desired... hard to make these wrong. No dairy or gluten for those that insist it to be free of those items.. personally I like the way healthy butter flavors it.

This recipe is for skilled haystack candy makers... nearly everything is measured to taste or is approximate not by the oz.

1 cup of raw cacao powder
Pacific vanilla hemp milk (enough to make the cacao like heavy cream
raw 100% certified organic honey to taste
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
hot chili powder to taste... the hotter the better to some. For a hotter flavor let the chili powder and chocolate meld for a while before adding the coconut.
pink Himalayan salt... about 1/4 teaspoon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

On low heat put cocoa and milk in sauce pan with everything but the coconut flakes. Dissolve the cocoa completely and then add the remainder of the dry ingredients. Keep heat on the lowest setting do not burn.

1 bag or more of Bobs Red Mill coconut flakes.. unsweetened more or less depending on your desired dryness

optional : toasted almonds

Other needed tools and items

Parchment paper, table spoon, fork, sauce pan

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