Hot Chocolate Cake in a Mug




Introduction: Hot Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Quick and easy way to make a personal cake in the microwave with everyday ingredients. This hot chocolate cake will be able to satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

Step 1: Gather All of the Ingredients

9 Tbsp. of hot chocolate powder mix
4 Tbsp. of self-rising flour (use whole wheat flour for a healthier alternative)
1 egg
3 Tbsp. of oil (for a healthier recipe, use canola oil)
You will also need
Large mug

Step 2: Grease the Inside of the Mug With Cooking Spray.

Be sure to spray away from your body and face.

Step 3: Measure Out Hot Chocolate Mix and Flour

Measure out 9 Tbsp. of hot chocolate powder mix and 4 Tbsp. of self-rising flour into the mug. Stir with a spoon.

Step 4: Crack the Egg

Crack the one egg, dispose of the shell, and add it to the mug. Stir well to get the egg incorporated in the dry ingredients.                                                       **Remove egg shells if any pieces have fallen into the mixture

Step 5: Measure Out Oil

Measure out3 Tbsp. of oil and pour it into the mug and stir.

**Use your spoon to scrape the bottom. Fold the bottom mixture onto the top a few times to get all of the dry ingredients (chocolate powder and flour) moistened and incorporated with the wet ingredients (egg and oil).

Step 6: Put Into Microwave

 Remove the spoon. Microwave the mug and all of the ingredients for 3 minutes. Check half way through for doneness.

**Timing may be different for various watt amounts.

Step 7: Remove From Microwave

Use a potholder or oven mitt to remove the mug from the microwave.

**Stick a toothpick inside the center of the cake to unsure that the cake is fully cooked. If the toothpick comes out with wet batter on it, the cake is not done.

Step 8: Let Cool and Remove From Mug

Let cool for 2 minutes. Remove the cake from the mug using the spoon to go around the edges while the cake is inside the mug.

Step 9: Garnish and Enjoy!

Garnish the cake (optional). Use ice cream, whipped cream, or any topping of your choice.

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    6 years ago

    My cakes always have a air bubble at the bottom when cooked, is there any way to fix this?