Hot Glue Alligator (or Anything Else) Earrings!

Introduction: Hot Glue Alligator (or Anything Else) Earrings!

Hello everyone!

This instructable is for creating earrings out of hot glue and duct tape. Both the hot glue and the duct tape aren't being used for their traditional purposes.. Which is what I like about this project. I love taking things and making them into things that are unexpected.

In this instructable I will show you the process of creating this kind of earring by using alligators for my design.

No matter what you decide to make for your earrings, they would be a great statement piece with a simple outfit and especially great for the summer time!

This instructable would probably be best executed with a small glue gun if you want smaller earrings. I only have a large hot glue gun with a standard opening for the glue so my earrings were larger, however I like this because they make even more of a statement!

Step 1: Plot Your Earrings

Make a list of designs you like!

My list includes:

I also like sharks!

Next, write what colors of paint and tape you want to use. This way you figure out what colors of paint and tape you need or you can coordinate the supplies you already have.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

1) hot glue gun with glue sticks
2) silicon mat. Mine came with my hot glue gun
3) duct tape in colors of your choosing
4) acrylic paint in colors of your choosing
5) paint brush
6) cup of water (use cup you don't care about)
7) workspace covered in newspaper
8) earring hooks
9) jump rings. At least two large (9mm+) jump rings and you will need 2 more (smaller)
10) spray acrylic coating
11) small pair of pliers
12) E6000 glue
13) pen
14) paper (for sketching your ideas on)
15) sharpie (not pictured. I am using black sharpie for my alligators eyes)
16) paper plate (optional. I used one to paint my hot glue pieces on in order to keep my newspaper cleaner. Can use extra newspaper if you have it)
17) tool used to poke holes in materials. I don't know what it's called (pictured with black handle) but a big needle would work as well).

Step 3: Sketch Your Designs

Break out your paper and pen/pencil and start sketching your earring design ideas!!

While drawing your designs keep in mind the following:
- what size you want your earrings
- how detailed you can be given your hot glue size

I could've made my alligators smaller but it would've sacrificed more detail.

Think think think! Then draw draw draw!

Step 4: Hot Glue Your Designs

Place your hot glue mat on top of your design. Trace your design using your hot glue gun and hot glue.

Let dry.

If you made your glue too flat for your liking you can retrace your design!

If you retrace, let it dry again.

Do this for both earring shapes.

You may trim any hot glue strings with your scissors (I hate those suckers!).

Step 5: Paint Your Hot Glue Pieces

Place your hot glue shapes onto your paper plate or newspaper and paint them the way you want!

I'm only using one color but when I do the pineapples I'm going to make the top green and the bottom yellow.

You can also make your shapes colors that the objects they are modeled after aren't normally.

Like... Purple alligators! But I'm liking my metallic aquamarine color for this time around!

Let dry completely

Step 6: Protect Your Hot Glue Pieces

Ina. Well ventilated area, Spray your painted hot glue shapes with a light layer of acrylic coating.

Let dry.

Spray another light coat and let dry again.

Step 7: Make Duct Tape Base

Rip a piece of duct tape and place on workspace with the sticky side up.

Rip another piece of duct tape and place it the same way except this time overlap the pieces very slightly.

Rip a third piece and place over the first piece of tape sticky side down.

Rip your fourth piece of duct tape and place over the second piece of tape you ripped aka the sticky side that is left still.

Step 8: Glue Hot Glue Pieces to Duct Tape Base

Use your E6000 glue to glue your hot glue pieces to your duct tape sheet.

Let dry completely.

Step 9: Cut Out Hot Glue/ Duct Tape Pieces

Cut out your shapes. I chose to cut a little outside of the outermost of the hot glue shapes so a little pink showed on the edges!

Step 10: Draw Details

Use your sharpie to draw your details. I drew black dots for eyes.

Let dry.

Step 11: Spray Pieces With Acrylic Coating

Lightly spray your pieces with acrylic coating.

Let dry.

Spray your pieces again.

Let dry again.

Step 12: Turn Hot Glue/tape Pieces Into Earrings

Open all of the jump rings by gripping both sides of the jump ring (pliers and finger) and twist the ends away from each other.

Poke holes in the tape inside the hot glue outline of your shape.

Place one large opened jump ring through each hole you just poked.

Put one small opened jump ring through each loop of the earring hooks. Close jump rings.

Put a small jump ring into each of the large jump rings and close the large jump rings.

Step 13: Show 'em Off!


Congrats you just made awesome earrings!

Go show them off!

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

Please vote for this instructable!

Thank you -Elana

Ps I will try to post more of these kinds of earrings in this instructable later. I am not sure if I can edit instructables and I really want to start on the backyard contest now! Haha

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