Hot Glue Carving Mallet


Introduction: Hot Glue Carving Mallet

Easy mallet build

Step 1: What You Will Need

Affil. Links, helps a brother out you know.

Ryobi P305 18V ONE+ HOT GLUE GUN

Gorilla 3034502 Hot Glue Sticks 4 In. Full Size, 45Count

Wyler's Instant Beef Bouillon Cubes, 3.25 oz Jar

Black & Decker 646594-00 Side Handle

Performix 11603-6 Synthetic Plasti-Dip Rubber Coating, 14.5 oz Can, Black

One crappy paint brush. Will be ruined

Hammer, safety gloves, eye protection glasses

Step 2: Fallow Along and Be Safe About It

That's it



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