Hot Glue Fairy Lights

Introduction: Hot Glue Fairy Lights

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Hot glue these days comes in a wide variety of brilliant colours. In this instructable we are going to use some of these to create some funky weird blob fairy lights. Its relatively cheap as you can get a selection of 25 sorted coloured glue stick from ebay for under £3 and the lights are from the pound shop and it can be done in about 30 mins.

Lets go....

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Step 1: What You Need


Assorted glue sticks, four gives for a good mix plus because you are using the same glue gun the colours mix as you go from one colour to the next

Led Lights.

Masking tape

and something to cover the floor if you are working in a carpeted area.


Hot Glue gun

Step 2: Setting Up

I found this project esiest if i taped the lights up to hang across the room, it made it one less thing to handle when using the glue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are working in a carpeted area put down something under where you are working as hot glue will be murder to get out of the carpet when it drips and there will be drips (Sara, if your reading this i did not get glue on the carpet i just thought the tv cabinet would look better there)

Step 3: Glue

starting at one end place a small bit of hot glue on each light, no bigger than a pea as too much and the majority will drip off. work your way to the end putting a small bit on each light and by the time you are at the end the first should be ready for another drop.

Repeat as necessary but remember you don't want to put too much on as although the glue is fairly translucent more layers will hinder this.

Step 4: Done

Hang them up and enjoy.

You can do this with normal glue sticks as well and if you get the glue as its half cooled you can tweek it into spikes.


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