Hot Glue Magnet


This is a super simple way to make a a customized magnet using hot glue :D

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Step 1: Material

-Graphics (Magazine, Comic Book, Prints, etc)


-Hot glue

-Mold (here I'm using a bottle cap)

-Magnet strip

Step 2: Trace the Bottle Cap Onto the Graphics

The title says it all :D Simply trace the bottle cap onto the graphic of your choosing.

Once you're done tracing, simply cut it with scissors.

Step 3: Place the Graphic Into the Cap

Put the graphic into the cap, faced down. The blank side/ the side you don't want should be facing you.

Step 4: Pipe in Hot Glue

Fill the cap with hot glue and let it dries.

Step 5: Attach Magnet

Pipe some more hot glue onto the middle in order to stick the magnet on.

Step 6: Remove Hot Glue From Cap

This part is a little tricky, I used a utility knife to peel it out, but you can use anything that has a sharp edge but flat surface such as a knife.

*When I was able to remove the hot glue, the graphic was a little distorted at the edge from the constant poking of the utility knife, so I cutaround the edge and made it into a smaller circle with the scissors. This is pretty easy since hot glue is relatively soft to cut into.

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