Hot Glue Ring

Hello people! This is actually Craft Maker Infinity collaborating with JM1999 to do this instructable. It is JM1999's idea, but I am doing the actual writing.

In this instructable, JM1999 shows you guys how to make a ring out of hot glue! ;D

Step 1: Making the Glue Ring

What you will need is: hot glue gun, hot glue (obviously), cardboard, a sharpie, and a ring of any kind (a metal one is used for this one).

Let's do this!

Every photo has a note of what is happening - follow the photos and you'll be right :)

Step 2: And You're Done!

Thanks to JM1999 for working with me for this collaboration! And for this awesome idea! ;D

-CMI and JM1999



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Neat, I momentarily thought the second picture in step1, was looking down a cut out trough where you force inject the hot glue.

    Then I realized that you were a bio mult-D printer.

    As usual I try to get the gist of it before reading :-D