Hot Glue Snowflake Ornaments




My family has a tradition of making DIY ornaments, and I had the idea to make a snowflake out of hot glue and wax/parchment paper. This is quite a simple project with a cool outcome. I hope you enjoy this project, have fun!


  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Wax/Parchment Paper

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Step 1: The Foundation

To make the foundation just make one big glob of hot glue. My 1st-grade art teacher used to always say "No glob monsters" when we used glue. But this doesn't apply to us, so feel free to make as big of a glob monster as you feel like. Just not too big!

Step 2: Add Arms for Support

I added arms to mine for form and support. But feel free to go with another design

Step 3: Start Adding Some Design

Start on the inside of the snowflake anything will work but I made a circle.

Step 4: Add Some More Design

Now you can start to add design closer towards the outer edges but DO NOT put any things on the ends of the line.

Step 5: Final Design and Loop

So now you can put a design on the end I recommend a circle because other shapes are hard to form. to do this make the first one not filled in in the middle then you can make the rest filled in.

Step 6: You Are Almost Finished!

Now is the time to take a break go to the bathroom, eat a snack. but don't forget to unplug your glue gun.

Step 7: Add the String/Twine/Cord/Yarn/Thread

Add the string to the loop.

Step 8: You´re Finished

Enjoy your hot glue snowflake ornament!

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    17 days ago

    Those look great on the tree :D