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Introduction: Hot Glue Spiders

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One day I realized that I could make spiders from scratch. With only hot glue and staples you can make an army of spiders! You can use them afterwards to make jewelry, to decorate you house, to play jokes on your friends, whatever!


- Black glue sticks OR Transparent glue sticks + Black nail polish

- Staples

- Black nail polish / black paint

- A ring base

- Stud earring base

- Parchment paper (if you don't have it, you can use a piece of regular paper, a piece of plastic, whatever).

- OPTIONAL: a few beads (to make eyes), a nylon string, etc. Let your imagination soar!


- Hot glue gun

- Pliers

- Pincers

- Scissors (to cut the parchment paper)

Step 1: Parchment Paper

Take a piece of parchment paper (or a similar kind of paper). The upside of parchment paper is that you'll be able to remove the piece of hot glue from the paper. On any other surface the paper will be stuck forever on the glue piece. But don't worry, the paper is the back of the spider, the part nobody sees! And if you want you can always paint it black (as the Rolling Stones famously said!).

Step 2: Spider's Body

With the glue gun make an egg-shaped circle of glue on the paper. This will be the spider's body. I suggest you make many bodies of different sizes and shapes (some you will love and some you will throw out of the window....) The spider should be about 3mm thick so you have enough space to nail the legs onto it. Take a look at the video.

Be patient. Let them dry. DO NOT TOUCH THEM! If you do, you will leave fingerprints and you don't want that...

PS. I realized that transparent glue dries faster than the black one... but I can assure that both burn identically when applied to your skin (no comments).

Step 3: The Legs

Let's make the legs! Take 8 staples. With the pliers unfold one of the tops of the staple to form an L-shape (see picture). Repeat this until you have 8 L-shaped staples.

Step 4: Attaching the Legs

Take the pliers again and one of the modified staples.

Hold the unfolded end of one staple with the pliers (about 3mm from the top) and nail it onto one of the spider's body sides. It's very important that you nail the staple straight. If not, the staple can perforate the spider's body...

Repeat this until you spider looks like a spider. In other words, repeat this step 7 more times.

If your spider is small you will need to cut the staple with pincers.

Tip: nail the four first legs. Once you've done it, turn the spider on its side and nail the other four. This time you'll need to put the legs upside down, but trust me: it's the easiest way.

Step 5: Adjusting the Legs

With the pliers adjust the legs the way you want them. Remember that you need to adjust the legs to avoid being scraped by them. If making a ring, make sure you can move your finger without getting scraped by the spider's legs.

Step 6: Glueing the Base

Now, with the glue gun, glue the spider onto the ring base or onto the stud earring base.

Step 7: Paint It Black

If you have used the black glue sticks: Take the black nail polish, paint the legs and let it dry. The black glue may not be shiny anymore. You can varnish it or simply use clear nail polish. It's up to you.

If you have used transparent sticks: Once the spider is glued onto the base, take the black nail polish (or black paint) and paint the spider's body and legs. Let it dry. And don't touch!

P.S. If you want, you can add beads to make the eyes, a nylon string to hang them around, etc.

Step 8: Ready!

And you're done! You have plenty of spiders to... go to an Alice Cooper concert, to scary someone, to hang around your house... have fun!

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    3 Great Ideas
    3 Great Ideas

    3 years ago

    this is fantastic idea. Absolutely I'll try it. Thanks ^_^


    Reply 3 years ago

    Glad u like it! I would love to see yours spiders! :)


    4 years ago

    This is a super cool project but I don't like spiders on my body! Ha!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Hahahaha. It's a pity! but if you change your mind, I can assure you they don't bite... :p Thanks for the comment :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is cool! I'm going to try to make something like this with y 3D printing pen Hopefully, it turns out as good :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Glad u like it! Wow, you have to publish you 3D spiders! Sure they will be so cool!