Introduction: Hot-O-Ring

Have you ever wondered of a hot glue ring which glows? Presenting the new glue ring! Its made totally out of hot glue and some LED's

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Step 1: Collect the Materials

Here are the materials required for hot ring:

SMD LED's size 0603 or 0804 x 12

Perforated copper board

26awg enameled copper wire

3v coin cell

Metal spring

Smd tiny slider switch

1 x glue gun stick

40-60watt glue gun

Soldering iron

Step 2: Soldering the LED's

Cut a 4 x 5 holed perforated board and solder 12 LED's, three LED's in each row. Use a pointed Solder tip to solder the smd's. Refer to the circuit diagram for the connections. Also one positive terminal joint must pass through the bottom of the board. This joint is used as the positive terminal for the coin cell.

Step 3: Making the Coin Cell Holder

Making the coin cell holder is very easy. You just need some plastic strap and a metal spring. Make a loop with the plastic strap (I have used a zip lock tie by cutting off the ends of it) holding along the coin cell and gluing the ends. Make sure that the cell fits snug and wont come off. Cut a single loop of a metal spring and fix it to the holder with super glue or hot glue.

Step 4: Adding the Switch

That's tiny!

Now soldering this needs a little experience.Fix this little switch on the led board with a small amount of hot glue. Positive wire of the board is soldered to the switch and another free wire from the switch is soldered to spring of the cell holder.

Step 5: Glue It Hot!

Double check the connections before pouring hot glue on it. After that heat the gun to its average temperature. If the glue is too hot it may damage the LED's. Put the coin cell in it holder and tape the positive side of it so that is can be removed after hot gluing everything.Now comes the fun time, yes its hot glue time! Gently cover the LED's with glue, starting from the sides. Let it dry for about five minutes. After hardening, trim off the excess glue with a sharp cutter and remove the coin cell from its holder. Now you can cut off the tape which was put before gluing. Cutting the tape will expose the positive lead which was soldered at the back of the perforated board. You can also place a metal washer on the lead to give a better contact between the two surfaces.

Step 6: Make the Strap!And Its Ready!

You can make the strap or the ring be putting a long and thin line of hot glue on a plastic surface. Let it dry for sometime. Then peel it off and trim the excess glue. Glue it on to the edges of the led disc made before. Here you go! a nice little glowing ring!

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