Hot Pink Lips Tutorial

Introduction: Hot Pink Lips Tutorial

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This look is great for summer and is so easy. I feel like the bold bright lip is so perfect and a great way to make this look dramatic.

I have also attached a tutorial for this look.

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Step 1:

So first I took a very light beige shade and apply this to the crease of my eye. Then with a pencil brush I applied a darker shade of brown and applied this directly into my crease and the with my blending brush I blended this out and made it allot softer.

Step 2:

Then with a flat bush I applied a white shadow on the inner corner of the eye and out into the middle of my eye. I take this right up into the crease colour to help tidy this up. Then with a very light pink shade I applied this on the centre of the lid and then finally with a pink shadow I applied this on the outer corner of my eye and then blend this out into the centre.

Step 3:

Then with my liner I applied a winged liner look and then apply my mascara and lashes to make this look dramatic.

Step 4:

Now onto the face. I first applied my concealer to the under eyes, chin, nose and forehead. I then make sure to set this into place to make sure it stays in place and also prevents creasing.

Step 5:

Then with my bronzing powder I applied this to my cheeks, jawline, forehead and nose and make sure this is blended out. This is so that my face has a slight colour and also a great way to shape my face.

Step 6:

I then applied one of my fav blushes to the apples of my cheeks. This one is from sleek makeup and is a shade called rose gold. This is a pink shade with a little glitter.

Step 7:

I then applied some highlighter to the highest points of my cheeks, nose and cupids bow. This is just to give my face that natural glow.

Step 8:

To finish of the eyes I applied the dark brown shade to the under eyes to bring the look together and to open the eyes I applied a white liner to the waterline.

Step 9:

Finally to complete this look and was the most important step I applied a very bright pink shade to the lips.

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