Hot Pink Mod Earrings

Introduction: Hot Pink Mod Earrings

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I recently came across a guide on how to make mod earrings.  Who would've thought that it would be something so simple and turn out so amazing.  I like them so much I want to share the secret with you.

How to make these amazing earrings:

1. Gather two head pins, beads of choice, a round container (for bending wire), round nose pliers, and flush cutters
2. Bend both head pins around the round container to create a moon shaped curve in the head pins.  Make sure they are the same shape when finished.
3. Slide beads of choice onto head pins.
4. Using largest end of the round nose pliers create a bend in both head pins, be sure to line up the bottoms of the head pins to ensure they are the same length.
5. Once you have created the bends in the earrings you can hold them together at the top bend and use the flush cutters to trim any wire that needs to be cut to ensure both earrings are the same size.  Be sure to use a metal nail file to smooth any areas that you cut.
6. You're done! Clean the earrings before selling!

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