How to Make a Knife Sheath

Introduction: How to Make a Knife Sheath

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Things you will need i flood some leather, hard if you want a stiff sheath loose if you want a floppy one.
Next you will need a leather beadle and leather working string, works better when string is waxed.
Then you need something the cut the leather with. Either a razor or really sharp scissors.
Lighter to burn away excess string.
Optional items
An edge trimmer for the finished product.

Step 2: Cut Leather.

Take your square of leather and wrap it are pins your blade and cut off leather about 1/4 in from the knife blade maybe more no less. Then take your knife out and fold the leather so that the sides are evenly folded. Clamp with any type of clan that will hold leather firm

Step 3: Start Sewing

Once your sheath is clamped get your needle and pull out a room of string 3x as long as the sheath would be. Then if the leather is soft pike a hole in it with the needle and push it out the other side about 1/8 from the outside edge of the leather and take the string end and pass it through the string that is next to the needle. Then pull the needle out of the leather and continue.

Step 4: Types of Stitches

One type is the x stitch. You take the needle and whenever you pull it out go to the other side and poke it in and so the whole thing with the string and the loops. The second looks like this ----- when you take is out you do not switch the side that the needle goes in. I prefer the x stitch over the -- stitch personally the blade doesn't cut through it as easy.

Step 5: End

Keep stitching the stitches about 1/4-1-8 inches apart so that it looks nice. After each stitch pull one either side of the string at the same time lightly to tighten the stitch. When you reach the end poke the needle through and loop the thread twice through the string next to the needle and pull out and tighten string once done cut string from needle and excess string and burn the ends flat with a lighter be carefully not to burn the stitches. And your done for an beginners sheath with no belt loops.

Step 6: Add Ons

If your leather is hard make sure that you use a hole punch to make Driscoll holes and that you razor the edges a little bit so that it looks like this / makes stitcher better looking.

I am not responsible for any mishaps that might occur when making this so don't blame me. Also if you have any Q's or want to add something leave a comment. Thanks.

Step 7:

Thanks for viewing.

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