Hot Wheels Design



Introduction: Hot Wheels Design

Here's a little project you can do in just minutes. A little design that's cool.

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Step 1: Cars

Make sure you have tons of Hot Wheels.

Step 2: Triangle Design

Make a simple triangle with 2 cars. It can be a little tricky at first. Once you've done that, make another one right beside it.

Step 3: The Big Car

Stack one big car on top of the 2 triangles. Make sure not to topple them over!

Step 4: Design

Make a design leading from the second triangle. The design is one car over another. Have 5 cars line up.

Step 5: Two More Triangles

Make another triangle and stack a car on top of it. Then make another one and stack a car on top of it connecting to the other one.

Step 6: Design Part 2

Stack 5 cars on each side of the middle row leading off of every car.

Step 7: Finished

Your Finished!!! Suprise your kid with a cool design!

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