Hot Wire Cutter for Ribbons and Webbings (synthetics Belts)

+++++++ ELECTRICAL RISK AND DEATH HAZARD. This manual is designed for people who know at least fundamentals of electricity and know the risks / cares of working with electrical elements. If you do not know about electricity I recommend that you buy the machine made or that you order to manufacture the machine ++++++

Temperature in 10 seconds: 200 °C

Temperature in 30 Seconds: 400 °C

Maximum temperature: 440 °C (after 40 sec)

This machine seal the fibers while make the cut in the fabric, ribbons, webbings, belts and other. tested in Polyester and nylon.

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Step 1: Materials


  • 1 m Ferric-nickel Wire 0.8
  • 2 m Cable No. 10 Yellow
  • 2 m Cable No. 10 White
  • 1 10A fuse
  • 1 Transformer 120VAC to 35VAC (I used one of a damaged microwave oven) 1000W
  • Insulating tape
  • Electric terminals
  • Wood and screws for the frame
  • Bolts, washers and nuts 3/8"

Step 2: Electric Diagram

2 circuits:

Right: 120VAC, button NA.

Left: Ferric-Nickel wire 0.8
Middle: Transformer microwave oven 120VAC to 35VAC


If you are a english speaker, no problem pal !!, write your questions and I answer back :)

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