Hot Wire Cutting for Drill Press





Introduction: Hot Wire Cutting for Drill Press

If u have drill press, probably you will like to make this hot wire cutting accessory.

It is cheap, compact, and is excellent to work with drill press.

If your drill press stage can rotate, it can cut with angles, too.

The general concept is using the drill press stage as cutting stage, and hold a hot wire between the drill and the base.

Although I use some metal screws, u can simply using a rod with a hole on it to attach the hot wire.

Part "B" can also be replaced with a spring or just neglect it, because the tension of the hot wire can actually adjusted by the nylon tie.

U can use different voltage for cutting and the hot wire will not melt the nylon tie, because there is not current flow to the base and the metal parts connecting the wire and the base can cooling excess heat.

Also, adjust the distance between the d.c. clips and change the temperature of the wire.

It is so simple and useful.




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    7 Discussions

    Fantastic idea! Elegantly simple execution

    this is totaly awesome. Briliant 10/10

    Can you cot more than plastic or webbing with it? We hand an ELOC machine at work, of similar design, and cut metal with it.

    Polystyrene foam (EPS). Wax. Butter? .... (messy!)

    I like this idea! I put a hot-wire across a junior-hacksaw frame, for freehand work :) Steel wire, and a tensioning spring. Steel wire is strong, thin AND has more resistance than copper, so the 6" length doesn't draw crazy currents. That, on 5V = hot.

    You've just restarted a project I had stalled upon, waiting to build a frame for my hot wire, thanks much.

    How cool! This is a brilliant idea! Thanks!!