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Introduction: Hot Tub Vacuum

I purchased a hot tub and quickly learned that you need a way to clean the bottom of debris. Sand, dirt, etc. often accumulates on the bottom. You need something long enough to reach the bottom that has suction power to remove the debris. Since it is under water, a natural siphon would provide the requisite suction. I shopped online for different products and found them expensive and none seemed to meet my needs. So I improvised - and it works perfectly.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed:

- three (3) six-inch strips of duct tape;

- one (1) broken golf club shaft at least three feet in length with grip intact. Most people have one of these laying around or knows someone else who does. A graphite shaft is preferred over steel, but it really doesn't matter. Frankly, any similar shafted item of equal length will do;

- approximately seven feet of clear 1/2-inch diameter tubing (available at Home Depot, Lowes and other hardware stores).

Step 2: Assembly

Match the end of the tubing with the end of the golf club, opposit the handle. Advance the tubing slightly past the end of the shaft, so it protrudes past the end of the shaft about 1/4-inch.

Wrap the duct tape around the tubing and the shaft, tying them together in three places spaced evenly along the first twelve inches.

Step 3: Instructions for Use

The vacuum operates by siphon action. Hold the golf club by the handle and insert the hose-tied end into the water. With the other hand, grap the loose end of the tubing and suck on the end until the water reaches your mouth. It is okay if you get some in your mouth - just spit it out. At this point, the tube should be full of water. Drop the loose end of the tube to the ground, and the water should now flow from the tub through the tube via siphon action. The loose end of the tube must be lower that the suction end in order for the siphon to work. Now, just use the handle of the golf club shaft to maneuver the suction end around the tub and it will automatically suction out any loose debris and remove it from the tub. Because this method also removes a small amount of water from the tub, it may be necessary to add back some water.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Heh, I just thought to myself, "if I stick a siphon to a pole, I'll have a useful hot tub vacuum." Then I thought I'd check instructables...