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I have seen a lot of  led things and nobody has made a hot wheel led on instructables  in till now so get redy to build a HOT WHEEL LED! If you like what I build please subscribe to me!!!!!!!!! Oh yay  most of these pics are go to be bad because my camera broke so I took them with my cell.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

A hot wheel car,
A led,
 A switch,
A Hot glue gun (With glue sticks.)
A 3v battery,
A solder gun,(With solder.)
A drill,(With a drill bit the size of the  little thing that hold,s  the hot wheel car  together.)

Step 2: Drill

Now drill out the thing that holds the hot wheel car together.

Step 3: Out!

Now take out the plastic  stuff from the hot wheel car.

Step 4: Led!

Now take you led and wire and solder gun with solder  and solder the wires to the led!

Step 5: More!

Solder one of your wires to the switch  that is from the led then solder a other wire next to the other one that you have  solder.

Step 6: Wire!

OK now take your one wire from the led and tape it to one side of the battery and take the end of the wire that you solder to the switch and tape it to the other side of the battery and test it and if it does not work switch the wires around and if that does not work look at your connection!

Step 7: In Place!

OK now put the led were you want it in the hot wheel car I put my in the back and hot glue it in place!

Step 8: Switch!

OK put the switch in the hot wheel car were you want it and hot glue it in I put my on the side.Put the battery were you want it I put my in the front.

Step 9: Done!!

Now hot glue the hot wheel car together and your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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