Hotel Speaker

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Have you ever been in a hotel room and wanted to watch a movie on your phone. Well I have and I'm going to show you a hack to make a speaker from items only from the hotel! I hope you enjoy

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Step 1: Materials

1. A disposable coffee cup
2. Scissors and pin from a repair kit
3. Pen
4. The coffee mug holder

Step 2: The Stand

To hold up the phone you will use the holder thing and cut it like shown. I recommend tracing the shape to get the right angle

Step 3: Speaker

First put your phone up to the cup at the angle of your stand and out line it. The using the needle pole a bunch of holes so you can stick the scissors in. Once you cut that hole make sure everything fits.

Step 4: Charger

To solve the problem of your phone running out of battery you will trace the shape of your phone charger. Once again you will poke lots of holes except this time if your chargers small just poke the holes to make a bigger hole

Step 5: Conclusion

This is a great hack of you love watching movies on your phone instead of pacing for overpriced movies on the tv. I hope you enjoyed and if you did like subscribe and leave a comment.



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