Hotrod Bike Trailer




Introduction: Hotrod Bike Trailer

I was inspired by this instructable
I decided to modify the design a bit and make a hotrod for my kiddo with red interior and flames.  The material is all purchased from the local hardware store.  The base is a 1" x16" 36" pine.  The sides are 1"x12"x36 pine. The curved rear is made of thin 1/4" ply.  I soaked it in water for about 30 minutes then bent it over the frame, nailing it every 3 inches or so.  Next time i'll probably just use some sheet metal.  I had the conduit laying around and purchased the wheels and the little switches.  Then primed and painted it with gloss black and apple red.  I traced the flames on some paper and cutout stencils so both sides match.  To bend the trailer arm, since i didn't have a conduit bender, was just to put one foot on it about 16 " from one end and pull up on it until a got the correct angle.  The hitch is just a piece of steel strapping i bent into a "U" shape and a locking pin from the hardware store.



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    I love this design. I would have put a boot (trunk) on it with opening at the top behind the seat to put shopping in. And one in the front if there was room after leg room. I am thinking of making one and hope my grandkids will like to go in it. :)

    I got them from harbor freight. Standard 10" cart wheel

    Very cool. A steering wheel would be a nice touch.

    I can't tell from the photos, but do you have some padding and a seat belt for the kid ?

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    Right now I have a pillow in the bottom as a cushion. I'm still trying to find a matching cushion or will just make my own. The seat belt was added after. It's nylon strapping with the safety snaps similar to what's on shopping carts.

    thats SWEEEEEEEET ! How did you attach the conduit to the trailer? How are the wheels attached ?

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    There are two holes drilled in the side of the conduit and thru the body of the trailer. Held in place with a couple of bolts and lock nuts. The end of the conduit near the wheel also has a conduit brace to keep it from wiggling around.

    The wheels have an aluminum axle bought at the the hardware store for about 3 dollars. Washers are on each side of the wheels and i drilled a hole in each end of the axle and keep it all in place with some codder pins. The axle is held from the bottom with some 1/2" clamps screwed through the floor of the trailer. The chrome trim and the pin stripping (hard to see in the pictures) were bought from the auto store.

    Working on it. The Instructables site decided to rotate them when i hit the publish button. Trying to fix it.

    It seems a nice trailer with quite a lot of work put into it. But why not take another 5 minutes to rotate the pictures!!!