Hotstuff & the Raps

Making a grater musical intrument with a design toutch named 'The Raps'. For this instrument we used a Lazercutter and a 3D printer.

Step 1: The Music Box

Make a box in MDF Wood 5mm out of 6 parts. Include in the top part of the box some holes so the sound can get trapped. Use for all of this a Lazercutter. When done, put everything together with glue.

Step 2: The 'waves'

Make 6 wave shaped forms in plexiglass 3mm, also using a Lazercutter. Do these same shapes twice so you have 12 'waves'. Make sure that the 'waves' have space to fit the wooden box underneath dor more stability. When done glue the waves beginning from small going on big and ending small again at the end, to the top part of the box. Make sure the top part is the one with holes in it for the sound.

Step 3: The Stick

Create a stick for 'grating' the grater music instrument using the 3D printer.

Step 4: Make Music

Make grater music and enjoy the creation !



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    But how does it sound?


    2 years ago

    very wow, much Jimmy Neutron hair


    2 years ago

    I love homemade instruments! Looks great!