Hotwheels & Matchbox Frame Shelf Background Made by Its Own Package

You can make customized backgrounds for your car frame shelf using the car paper package part - easy and cheap!

Step 1: Take the Paper Part of Car Package

You can choose the own package or other kind of image to customize the frame shelf background

Step 2: Measure the Background Size

Step 3: Mark the Background Size on the Package Selected Area

You can choose a not damaged part of package to mark the background

Step 4: Trim the Selected Area

Step 5: Put the Background on the Shelf

You don´t need to use a glue to keep the background on the self if you have not cropped the image the right size or slightly larger

Step 6: Congratulations: You Have Your Own Customized Background in Your Frame Shelf

Besides it is being very nice, you could to keep easily the organization of your car collection.



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