House Key Balisong (Butterfly Knife)




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I have turned my house key into a mini Balisong.

The handles and pivot pins are made out of layers of regular card stock and the latch is magnetic.

If you would like to see  the full Instructable of this click here.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    just in case you care, you just showed your house key to the world. you might want to obscure that next time. but it's a great project!

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    yeah, what he said... some guy invented a key that's also a keyring (genius!) and then posted the prototype online... then he had to change his locks, because he posted his house key on his international blog.

    ive been wonting to make one but ive never found some1 showing how to make the haddles attach to the key so if u could post a instructable that would be great

    drill 2 holes in your key and put a small metal pin in it then just jb weld the pin to eaither side of your handles


    i guess i would do that but i don't have any of the tools for that. For me is was easier to work with paper

    now thats a dumb question...something this cool?          .....that answer should be obvious...F@*# yeah!!! this is a sweet idea!