House Lamp





Introduction: House Lamp

All you need is a plywood and cardboard, and light, and of course the laser)

Step 1: Take the Photo

Firstly shoot the most beautiful house in your town

Step 2: Project the Walls

Project the walls. You may use the SketchUp

Step 3: Trace the Facade.

You may use any vector software.

Step 4: Make the Laser Cutting

Step 5: The Roof

The roof is made out of cardboard at the place

Step 6: Just Turn on the Light



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    This is just awesome! And I'm about to enter my project today, but it's still so awesome I voted for it in both categories. I really admire your attention to detail and architectural sense of design that makes this so enchanting to look at. You're going somewhere in life, could be anywhere, but it will be somewhere greatand happy!